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Family property since 1899.


At the heart of the spa town of

Vals les Bains, Genevieve and Lionel

welcome you in a friendly place.

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The town is situated on the borders of the Cevennes and Vivarais.

With its Mediterranean climate, Vals les Bains is called Blue Green Paradise, as it is situated in the heart of wooded mountains where water is running everywhere.

Les Bains is a spa town with 145 mineral springs.  The city is crossed by 2 rivers: the Voltour and the Volane and is bordered by the Ardeche and the Besorgues.

Vals les bains spa is specialized in the treatment of diabetes, obesity and

metabolic disorders.

The park, the municipal swimming pool, cinema, casino and an Italian theater are in the vicinity of the hotel.

For more information, go to the website of the Aubenas Vals Antraïgues Tourist Office.


Mansion of the late nineteenth century

The first house, built before 1900, was called “Villa Lodie”.

This guest house was run by great aunt and great uncle Lodie, than by Marie-Julie and Henri Laffont in the 1920’s. Then by their son Paul in the 30’s and 40’s.

It tooked the name “Hotel Villa Lodie” than “Lodie’s Hotel”.

Now the “Hotel les Touristes” is run by Geneviève, granddaughter of Marie-Julie. She tries to keep the originality of this house with its authenticity and charm. Geneviève and Lionel keeps up the cuisine traditional and dietetic as initiated by Paul.

Environmental procedures of the establishment

 Our hotel is engaged on action about sustainable development and environmental.


Energy :

Double glazing

Telivision label « eco »

Reduction in energy bills thanks to an awareness of clients and collaborators,

Decrease in the electric bill through the replacement of almost- all incandescent

and halogen bulbs for low consumption, bulbs,

Follow-up of gas and electricity consumption



Use of water-saving toilets

Reduction of water consumption by encouraging customers to reuse towels,

Consumption follow-up to detect possible water leaks.



Collect of cooking oils by Huiletic ( for carburant)

Waste sorting by staff,

Compost for wastes organic

Incentive in waste sorting by customers,

Elimination, if possible, of individual prepacked portions of - breakfast.


Responsible purchases

To privilege purchase of certified products (environment-friendly products),

To prefer local products for all our purchases.



Provide our customers with low-pollution modes of transport,

Giving public transport schedules, 2 bicycles for rent


The ecogesture

 As part of the awareness of our customers for the environment,

We communicate with them by inviting them to adopt the 'eco gestures'.

Sustainable stay


At home as at the hotel, all our gestures have repercussions on the environment.

That is why, we ask you, when it is possible :

  • to switch off the lights when you go out of the room,

  • not to leave electric equipment in sleep mode, especially your computer,

  • Not to leave your phone charger connected,

  • to not allow heating to a high temperature or air conditioning at a too low temperature

  • not to leave the tap water running needlessly,

  • if you stay several nights, You can use your towels placing them on the towel bar. If you wish that we change them, Thank you drop them off in the shower on the floor,

  • If you want to participate to waste sorting, please use the containers, on the right at the exit of the hotel

  • to indicate us any anomaly (water leak ...).

  • I promote soft traffic : walk or bike

 Thank you

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